Backscatter Turtle

What Is Backscatter in Underwater Photography

Photography is a profession and pass time for so many people. This can be done in a number of ways and in various settings, including underwater. Those who enjoy shooting underwater will have a lot of factors that need to be consider. This type of setting can present many obstacles, especially when it comes to […]

Chromatic Abberation

What Is Chromatic Aberration in Underwater Photography

It is a living dream for many of us to have the chance of capturing images while scuba diving. This dream however does not just come true without much efforts made. Through magazines, individual see pro taken images. This exercise can be very exciting. However, there is much involved in this dynamic in terms of […]

Honduras Flag

Snorkeling Consideration While in Honduras

Snorkeling requires a careful selection of ideal spots to avoid potential dangers which may result in the course of sporting activities. Top Snorkeling Spots in Honduras are easy to identify when you are aware of what you ought to know when you are searching for them. Prior to deciding on the spot to practice snorkeling, […]

Changing Tides

The Potential Dangers Of Changing Tides While Snorkeling

Some people enjoy swimming and other activities that involve being in the ocean. Snorkeling is a recreational activity that many like to do, especially while vacationing. This is considered mostly safe but may come with some risks. People who plan to do this are encouraged to learn about the dangers of changing tides while snorkeling. […]

Underwater Coral - Basic Lighting

Guide To Successful Underwater Photography – Basic Lighting Advice For Vivid Images

Underwater photography has become increasingly popular as more easy-to-use cameras appear on the market designed for this purpose. While at one time this hobby was limited to professional divers and photographers, today basically everyone is trying their hand at it. However there are several “tricks of the trade” that need to be followed with underwater […]

White Balance in Underwater Photography

Importance Of White Balance in Underwater Photography

Photography is something that many people enjoy. Some do it for work and others consider it a hobby. There are so many different styles that can be done and equipment that may be used to capture images of varying subjects. Underwater photographer refers to taking photographs while submerged under water. There is a lot to […]

Snorkel equipment on a tropical sandy beach

Explore The Top Snorkeling Spots In Moloka’i Hawaii

Spending time in the water is a sure thing for almost everyone who vacations in the Hawaiian islands. Lots of folks enjoy swimming and surfing, but learning how to snorkel is also a favorite activity. It is a quick learning process, and the waters give up their beautiful views for anyone who tries it. The […]


Snorkeling Considerations While In The Cayman Islands

Snorkeling is a practice of swimming on or through a water body while equipped with snorkels. These are devices designed to enhance breathing. Also, you might use masks and fins. It is mainly practiced in tropical regions where the temperatures are quite bearable. When you engage in these activities, you need to know a few […]

Top Snorkeling Spots In Florida

Florida has always been a haven for tourists and visitors. With its sparkling waters and sandy beaches, the state is also known for its charter fishing tours and nautical activities. Whether you love swimming, deep sea diving, or jet skiing, there is so much to do and see in the Sunshine State. If looking for […]


What Is Barrel Distortion in Underwater Photography

To understand this topic better one has to know barrel distortion and what causes it. It is a condition which causes images to appear spherical and inflated which is as a result of lens effect. The effect is associated with angles that are wide and they occur at zoom lens near the wide ends. This […]