Scuba Diving while in Mexico

Millions of Americans schedule a Mexico vacation. If you are interested in scheduling a vacation in Mexico, or you already have, you may be wondering what you can do while on vacation. In Mexico, there are an unlimited number of activities that you may find exciting. One of those activities may include scuba diving. When […]

Camera Bags for Underwater Photography

Scuba diving is one of the most rewarding hobby or profession that you can ever have. As a hobby, scuba diving is very enjoyable. It is a great way to meet other people as well as take a look at one of nature’s seldom seen environment. You have to realize that the earth is covered […]

Taking a break for a Scuba and Underwater Photography Vacation

For those who have taken scuba diving courses, scuba vacations are the next step to enjoying the treasures of the deep and perfecting their diving skills. In almost every country in the world that is by a warm water coast, there are scuba resorts and scuba vacations just waiting to be discovered. Popular destinations for […]

Important Tips for a Safe Scuba Diving Trip

Scuba diving is a high-risk and dangerous sport. Yet, if you follow these tips, you can have a fun, fantastic experience of scuba diving: Get scuba dive gear that fits For a fun scuba diving, make sure that the gear fits you properly. The mask should be comfortable and water-leakage-free. The BCD should be snug […]