Explore The Top Snorkeling Spots In Moloka’i Hawaii

Spending time in the water is a sure thing for almost everyone who vacations in the Hawaiian islands. Lots of folks enjoy swimming and surfing, but learning how to snorkel is also a favorite activity. It is a quick learning process, and the waters give up their beautiful views for anyone who tries it.

Snorkel equipment on a tropical sandy beach

The most experienced at this sport will tell you that they have their favorite local spots. But most of them are hesitant to share them with you because they worry about too many people crowding in and ruining opportunities for experiencing the areas at their best. Here are a few of the Top Snorkeling Spots in Moloka’i Hawaii that you can explore as the experts do.

For first timers, it is best to visit a reef with calm and shallow water. Though there are many kinds of reefs throughout the islands, one that you can visit easily is at Murphy Beach. The sandy area is narrow and white. Staying close in to the shore will allow you to have a good experience. It is the shore on the south of Molokai along the Kamehameha Highway about 20 miles east of Kaunakakai. Some palms provide a bit of shade for those who wish to lounge on the land.

Haleiwa Ali’i Beach Park is another nice place to pursue snorkeling talents. It is recommended that beginners try their skills on the south side where the water is more protected and calmer. Though the sands are narrow here, this Hawaiian language names this spot as royal sands. People who have visited appreciated the beautiful water and abundant palm trees.

A different location with views of the local mountains and a picnic area near a stream is Halawa Bay. There are restroom facilities and barbecues here, but you must bring your own water to drink. The stunning surroundings make this a favorite for those who want beauty as well as adventure. Nested on the eastern side of the island, the fishing and surfing here are also good. Coming with a group that has mixed interests makes this spot perfect. There are some tropical fish to be spotted, but you will need to drive to the end of Highway 450 to arrive at this pretty place.

Kealakekua Bay is one of the best to explore. Considered top quality due to the high probability of sighting yellow tang, butterfly and parrot fish, it will take some extra effort to arrive at your destination. Many choose to hire a catamaran to get close in to the viewing areas. But, the experienced will kayak their way in. This puts them up close with other sea life, such as friendly dolphins who often swim alongside the kayaks. Those who come often recommend coming to this location when you have confidence in your abilities. But anyone who wants to get the most reef action will travel here first.

The area surrounding Kealakekua was settled about a thousand years ago. There are many interesting historical things to see when coming for a snorkel vacation. Captain Cook visited the bay, and it is well known as a nursery for the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins. Most tourists enjoy renting a kayak just to get close to the many dolphins that share the waters with humans.

These are the best of Hawaii for those who hope to get a glimpse of what is happening under the surface of the water and above it as well.

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