Action Cameras vs GoPros – Which are better for Underwater

If you are serious about your underwater photography there is a good chance that you have invested several thousand dollars into your underwater rig.  For the rest of us that only have a couple hundred dollars to spend, there are 2 main routes that we can pursue. First is we can go with the ever […]

Google Trends Underwater Photography

When did Underwater Photography become popular

This question is somewhat open ended and subjective… there really isn’t a good answer to this question.  From a general standpoint, ever since the introduction of the GoPro and related Action Sports cameras at an affordable value (under $500) there has been a huge increase in consumers (non professionals) taking photos underwater. My last trip […]

GoPro Lighting Rig

Underwater Photography with a GoPro

I love my GoPro!  I have had a ton of fun with it!  This image below was shot with my GoPro: To get the most out of shooting with your GoPro – here are some Tips and Tricks. Batteries GoPro’s are notorious for eating up your batteries very quickly.  If you are Scuba Diving, bring […]