Underwater Photography Locations on O’ahu Hawaii

Hawaii’s Oahu have many fascinating scuba diving locations and perhaps the most popular dive site in Oahu is the Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay was formed by the erosion of one side of a volcano crater and is very well protected from the trade winds and surf making it a fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling site […]

Top Snorkeling Spots In Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii is a haven for tourists and visitors. From Maui to the shores of Diamond Head, this enchanted destination in the South Pacific continues to attract thousands of guests each year. From sightseeing and guided tours to charter fishing and swimming, there is so much to see and do in this fascinating state. If looking […]

Kahului Maui Snorkeling Spots

Discover The Top Snorkeling Spots In Maui Hawaii

Snorkeling is among the most popular outdoor activities in Maui for many good reasons. With an average temperature of between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, snorkelers can explore the ecosystem underneath the ocean surface all year round. Nicknamed, the Valley Isle, the pristine blue water off its shores offers many top snorkeling spots in Maui […]

Snorkel equipment on a tropical sandy beach

Explore The Top Snorkeling Spots In Moloka’i Hawaii

Spending time in the water is a sure thing for almost everyone who vacations in the Hawaiian islands. Lots of folks enjoy swimming and surfing, but learning how to snorkel is also a favorite activity. It is a quick learning process, and the waters give up their beautiful views for anyone who tries it. The […]

Kauai Hawaii

Top Snorkeling Spots in Kauai Hawaii

The Hawaiian island of Kauai is the site of some of Hawaii’s best snorkeling beaches. Warm, clear waters surrounding this island are home to many beautiful and fascinating species of marine life which can be easily viewed just beneath its surface. These are some of the top snorkeling spots in Kauai Hawaii, which can provide […]