What Is Refraction In Underwater Photography And How Can It Be Minimized

The art of taking photographs underwater is practiced by scuba divers, snorkelers, and swimmers, as well as researchers for the purpose of capturing images of such wonders as marine life, sea caves, and shipwrecks. However, water is a different medium than air and it presents its own set of unique challenges. This article examines one […]

Backscatter Turtle

What Is Backscatter in Underwater Photography

Photography is a profession and pass time for so many people. This can be done in a number of ways and in various settings, including underwater. Those who enjoy shooting underwater will have a lot of factors that need to be consider. This type of setting can present many obstacles, especially when it comes to […]

Chromatic Abberation

What Is Chromatic Aberration in Underwater Photography

It is a living dream for many of us to have the chance of capturing images while scuba diving. This dream however does not just come true without much efforts made. Through magazines, individual see pro taken images. This exercise can be very exciting. However, there is much involved in this dynamic in terms of […]

White Balance in Underwater Photography

Importance Of White Balance in Underwater Photography

Photography is something that many people enjoy. Some do it for work and others consider it a hobby. There are so many different styles that can be done and equipment that may be used to capture images of varying subjects. Underwater photographer refers to taking photographs while submerged under water. There is a lot to […]


What Is Barrel Distortion in Underwater Photography

To understand this topic better one has to know barrel distortion and what causes it. It is a condition which causes images to appear spherical and inflated which is as a result of lens effect. The effect is associated with angles that are wide and they occur at zoom lens near the wide ends. This […]