Capturing Vacation Moments Underwater

Memories are created just about anywhere. And when I say anywhere, I mean that memories are even created underwater – so the creation of underwater digital camera. An underwater digital camera is not just used to capture underwater memories; some professional marine photographers also use underwater digital cameras in their business. Even marine biologists and […]

Snorkeling at Black Rock Beach

Underwater Photography at Black Rock in Ka’anapali Maui, Hawaii

Black Rock is a lava outflow from the island of Maui on the north west side of Maui, Hawaii.  In splits up the Ka’anapali beach on the south and Kahekili Beach on the north.  In google maps search for “Black Rock Beach”. Getting There and Parking To get there travel north from Lahaina to Ka’anapali […]

Tips for Visiting Molokini Crater in Maui, Hawaii

Molokini Crater is a Marine Preserve located off the western coast of southern Maui.  If you are visiting Maui and enjoy snorkeling or diving, visiting the Molokini Crater is a must on your to do list.  Here we will share some tips to keep in mind while visiting this magical location. By Bossfrog – Own […]

Dangers of Feeding Reef Fish while Snorkleing

A short time ago is was very normal to bring all sorts of treats along with as your snorkeled to feed the fish.  Things like bread crumbs, frozen pees and even common fish food were all used to lure the fish closer and interact with them. Many snorkeling destinations now prohibit such activities.  Some may […]

Snorkeling in California

Snorkeling Consideration While In California

If you have a vacation, you can select a suitable place to spend your holiday. You can choose to have this with your family members. However, remember to choose a suitable place. The area should be well secured. Also you need to employ a tour operator. He or she should be qualified in this field. […]

Snorkeling Consideration Across The World

There are various places where you can undertake snorkeling. These range from the Amazon basin, California, the Virgin Islands in the US and many other places of interest. Before you make up your mind to visit such places, you need to know a few things. The whole experience can be frustrating or can be very […]

Changing Tides

The Potential Dangers Of Changing Tides While Snorkeling

Some people enjoy swimming and other activities that involve being in the ocean. Snorkeling is a recreational activity that many like to do, especially while vacationing. This is considered mostly safe but may come with some risks. People who plan to do this are encouraged to learn about the dangers of changing tides while snorkeling. […]

Underwater Snorkeling Photography Tips and Tricks

Underwater snorkeling photos make a great souvenir from your vacation.  Whether you are snorkeling in Hawaii, Mexico, Fiji, Australia or anywhere in between, there are hundreds of great snorkeling photo opportunities. Capturing the perfect snorkeling photo however isn’t always easy.  Do you ever feel frustrated with your snorkeling photos looking amateurish or lacking the professional […]


Weather Watch: Planning Caribbean Travel

The fastest way to ruin a beautiful paradise vacation is to find out that the weather forecast is calling for rain in the Caribbean during your entire stay. There’s not much you can do to change the weather, but there are a few things you can take into consideration when planning a Caribbean vacation. Hopefully […]