The Potential Dangers Of Changing Tides While Snorkeling

Some people enjoy swimming and other activities that involve being in the ocean. Snorkeling is a recreational activity that many like to do, especially while vacationing. This is considered mostly safe but may come with some risks. People who plan to do this are encouraged to learn about the dangers of changing tides while snorkeling.

Changing Tides

This activity involves swimming through a body of water. Swimmers may wear a wetsuit and fins but are will always be fitted with a diving mask and a snorkel, which is a shaped tube. This equipment makes it possible for a person to observe the attractions that lie within a body of water. The snorkel allows people to breath while their head is submerged under water.

People young and old are known to engage in this activity. It can be done in shallow waters, which is preferable, or deeper waters. There are numerous locations around the world that attract snorkelers of varying experience levels. One of the most important requirements is that people are comfortable in the water and know how to swim. First timers or people who are new to this may have interest in lessons that are available through many scuba diving facilities, tropical resorts and more.

One of the things that makes this so appealing is that it allows people to explore underwater life. There is no complicated training or equipment necessary. While this is enjoyable, people need to know that there are potential dangers and risks. If they take lessons, they are expected to get a briefing of potential dangers and how they can be avoided.

Those who snorkel in open water need to be aware of their surroundings. They should be familiar with the diving area and keep an eye on the tides. People can easily get trapped or sucked out because of changing tides. This could lead to drowning, injuries, and possibly even death.

Another big danger to snorkelers are speed boats, jet skis and similar devices. These swimmers are usually submerged in water and only their small tubes are visible above the water. Others may not notice them until it is too late. To avoid this, some choose to wear highly reflective or bright colors, or use dive flags that allow them to be easily spotted by others.

The backs, ankles and thighs of snorkelers are likely to be exposed to the sun for a long time and can get burned, even if under water. It is recommended that people wear appropriate clothing to protect themselves. Dehydration is also be a concern. People should always be well hydrated before they go on a snorkeling adventure, especially ones that are expected to last for hours. This is important to preventing cramps as well. It is recommended that people do not go snorkeling alone, in case there is a medical emergency.

Watch out for coral reefs. These can be stinging or sharp when touched. Wearing protective gloves can be helpful for those avoiding the reefs and their inhabitants, which could be poisonous. The coral is extremely delicate and even subtle contact could cause decades of growth to be destroyed. This is a fun activity, but it is important that people take safety precautions.

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