Top Snorkeling Spots in Africa

Snorkeling is an activity that people who like being in the water and swimming are likely to enjoy. Through use of a snorkel, which is a shaped tube, and a diving mask, snorkelers are able to explore underwater life for hours at a time. This activity requires little training and no complicated devices or equipment. It can be done at places all around the world, including Africa. While some think of tropical destinations when they think of snorkeling, there are plenty of top snorkeling spots in Africa worth checking out.


Off the tropical coast of Africa there is Indian Ocean. This is home to a variety of marine life, including different turtle species more than 400 types of fish, tropical reefs, whale sharks, manta rays and more. Many places in this area are snorkeler friendly, but some are more popular than others.

Zanzibar is one of the many sites where people enjoy snorkeling and diving. There are stand-out areas in this region, such as the reef around Mnemba Island. A less-frequented option are the reefs in the southwest area of Zanzibar. These can provide a fun experience for snorkelers and are usually less busy, which gives people more room to explore. There are also guided trips offered through lodges in the area, which allow access to excellent reefs, including those in the Menai Bay Conservation region.

Tanzia and its islands are another hot spot. Chole Bay is located with the marine park Mafia Archipelago. This is a brilliant place to snorkel and it is also favorable to those interested in diving. Pemba Island is located further to the north and features first-class reefs that are perfect for this activity.

The reefs are pristine around Quirimbas archipelagos and Bazaruto in Mozambique. Seychelles may also be an excellent choice, especially for those interested in seeing different species of fish. The coral is not usually pristine, as most of it is bleached. Still, many of these islands offer snorkeling and diving options. Malawi may be a destination for some snorkelers. This offers something different. The area has a rocky underwater, which is where more than 500 species of cichlids exist. Many of these are brightly colored and usually endemic.

Hurghada is an area filled with coral reefs, beaches and water parks. It is also an area where people go to scuba dive, kite surf and sometimes snorkel. The lagoons, coral reefs and beaches of Marsa Alam attract a lot of people who enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling as well. Fas Muhammad National Park is a nature reserve that includes coral reefs, parks and plenty of water for divers and snorkelers alike.

Whale sharks and beaches can be found in Mafia Island, which is also a place where snorkelers, fishers and scuba divers escape to. Praslin, Nungwi, La Digue, Wasini Island, Beau Vallon, Inhumane, Inhaca Island, Matemewe, Vilankulo, Watama, Boa Bista, Ponta do Oura, Mombasa Marine National Park, Lobos Island and Jambiani are some other places to do this recreational activity.

There are so many places where this can be done. Still, people are encouraged to do their research to learn more about the areas and the resources they have available. While this is mostly fun, there are potential dangers and risks. People should be fully aware of how to avoid common dangers in the water.

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