Top Snorkeling Spots in Australia

Australia is an island continent with the Indian Ocean off its west coast and the Pacific Ocean to the east. This region is home to some of the most beautiful and diverse underwater ecosystems on the planet. Scuba diving allows individuals to dive deeper but many of the locations just off shore are shallow enough to explore with nothing more than a pair of fins and a snorkel. Many individuals are interested in discovering the top snorkeling spots in Australia.

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The Great Barrier Reef stretches 2,300 kilometers off the northeastern coast of the country near Queensland. This is the largest ecosystem in the world. It consists of more than 100 islands made up of more than 600 kinds of soft and hard coral. Heron Island is a favorite spot for many snorkelers.

Heron Island is just a short walk from Gladstone. During low tide, snorkelers can access this island by foot without having to swim to get there. A deep-sea channel between Wistari reef and Heron Island provides an opportunity to explore the cay’s edge in calm water.

The island has nearly two dozen dive sites featuring schools of small fish, manta rays, reef sharks, and staghorn coral. This area is prime breeding ground for Loggerhead, Green and other species of turtles every year from December through March. During the winter, whales are a common sight as they swim through the channel.

Lord Howe Island is located approximately 350 kilometers from Sydney Harbor. The World Heritage location is the southernmost coral reef on Earth and is home to 90 species of coral and hundreds of fish species. The lagoon offers calm water snorkeling conditions making it a safe place to explore for nature lovers of all ages. Underwater trenches and volcanoes provide many interesting areas to explore while swimming in the pristine water here.

Thevenard Island is one of 10 islands making up the Mackarel Islands group. This island is off the Onslow coast, northeast of Exmouth in Western Australia. Black Flag is among the most popular snorkeling sites in this area and is known worldwide for its spectacular black coral formations. The water is only 10 meters deep and often provides refuge for resting nurse sharks.

Jervis Bay is located off the coast less than 200 kilometers from Sydney. The waters here offer a popular spot for spotting many species of water mammals. Whales, seals, penguins, and bottlenose dolphins are just some of the main attractions. The water is also home to weedy seadragons, blue devil fish, and many other species of tropical fish.

While the Great Barrier Reef is the most popular spot to snorkel, individuals have many other options that are nearly as spectacular. With so many areas to explore, it is easy to see why Australia is such a popular spot for snorkeling. The pristine waters are home to many varieties of fish, sea mammals, and other creatures found only in this part of the world. In many areas, the water is calm enough for snorkelers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy.

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