Top Snorkeling Spots In Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii is a haven for tourists and visitors. From Maui to the shores of Diamond Head, this enchanted destination in the South Pacific continues to attract thousands of guests each year. From sightseeing and guided tours to charter fishing and swimming, there is so much to see and do in this fascinating state. If looking for nautical activities and the top snorkeling spots in Oahu Hawaii, the North Shore simply has it all.

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Blanketed by scenic imagery and picturesque backdrops, the Shore features some of the best surface snorkeling on the island. As always, guests can take advantage of affordable gear and equipment rentals. There are also boat rentals available, along with charter vessels for family and corporate fishing trips.

The Ko Olina coast should also be on your itinerary. Situated near the Waianae coastline, this unique seaside resort features some of the best water activities in Hawaii. This includes jet skiing, along with parasailing and cocktail beach parties every night. Boats can be rented for huge parties, along with small vessels for surface swims and deep sea dives.

Haleiwa is situated near the North Shore and sees countless guests and tourists each season. Nestled within Kaneohe Bay, the area is simply quiet and serene in nature. Guests enjoy romantic strolls on the sandy beach, as well as its sparkling and crystal clear waters. There are several restaurants and souvenir stands in close vicinity as well.

When it comes to nautical activities in Oahu, Kailua Bay welcomes one and all with open arms. This lovely bay is home to several snorkeling and fishing tour companies. With immaculate weather and cool ocean breezes, the Bay truly captures the allure and essence of paradise on earth. With summer now upon us, this is the perfect time to plan that family getaway or corporate gathering.

Makaha Beach is yet another exotic destination with plenty of fish species and turtles. Explore fascinating marine life as you swim across the surface of the sea. With snorkeling experts and guides tours, you will simply be in awe of the coral reefs and vegetation that blanket the ocean.

The beach is also perfect for bonfires, parties, and especially live entertainment and barbecues. For more experienced divers, the area of Witches Brew is perfect for cove expeditions and sightseeing. Most snorkelers, however, will remain near the beachhead in safe and shallow water.

Along with Makaha Beach, you will also love the warm waters of Hanauma Bay. This unique inlet is known for its lagoon and countless fish species and reefs. From brightly colored fish to dazzling vegetation, you will be able to see these organisms within their respective habitats and niches.

Kapiolani Park Beach is another destination that simply cannot be missed. This lovely seaside resort is near the world famous Waikiki Museum and Natatorium. The area is a haven for surfers, and showcases the best water activities and sports in Oahu. Enjoy breathtaking dives and swimming, along with para-sailing and boat rides to and from the shore. If you want an experience of a lifetime this summer, nothing says vacation like the magic of Hawaii.

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