Top Snorkeling Spots In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is considered the shining star of the Caribbean. It is also a haven for countless tourists and guests each year. From San Juan to Bayamon, the island nation is known for its sparkling water and sandy beaches. PR is also home to several resorts and hotels for family vacations and corporate gatherings. If you love nautical activities, the island offers a myriad of water sports for all ages. In fact, the top snorkeling spots in Puerto Rico include Mona Island and La Paguera.

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Snorkeling is a popular water activity that is enjoyed by millions of people. Led by professional instructors and guides, you get to experience the magic of sea life and vegetation up close and professional. Like charter fishing and boating, this activity does require adequate preparation. There are several touring companies that specialize in fishing and even deep sea diving for water enthusiasts and aficionados.

Mona Island is known for its enchanted beauty and picturesque landscapes. The Island is also home to several tourist agencies and companies that specialize in water sports. Located off the west coast of Puerto Rico, the island is best known for its snorkeling activities. Experience the magic of the island by seeing turtles, rainbow fish, moray eels, and even octopuses up close and personal.

With the largest concentration of reel fish in the country, your exciting trip into the ocean guarantees a true experience of a lifetime. Not only will you see schools of small guppies and minnows, you will also get to see clown-fish, stingrays, puffers, and much more. You will, however, need to bring your own equipment to enjoy this incredible activity and sport. Sadly, there are no rentals available for tourists and locals alike.

La Paguera is also considered one of the best destinations for water sports and hobbies. Located in the southwest part of the nation, this amazing spot is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and images. It is also synonymous with some of most beautiful plants and coral leafs in the country.

There are several boat operators and guides available for touring purposes. Equipment can also be rented at affordable rates. No matter how deep or shallow you want to go, these experts will be with you and your party every step of the way. After a day or exciting activities, you can return to the mainland for cocktails, music, and a lovely candlelight dinner with romantic music and surroundings.

Caja de Muertos features several boat operators that specialize in all day tours. This enchanted eighteenth century island features a myriad of historic monuments and venues. Known as Coffin Island, this popular destination is a haven for families and corporate guests that love Mother Nature at her finest. Boating and equipment rentals are available, as well as small vessels for charter fishing and sea based parties and events.

Last but certainly not least on the list is Fajardo. Situated on the east coast, this popular seaside resort is known for its amazing beaches and vista views. With crystal clear waters and immaculate weather year round, this venue is considered the best spot for daytime snorkeling and swimming. For more information on booking tours, simply contact your local travel agent or the Puerto Rico Tourism board.

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