Top Snorkeling Spots in The Bahamas

The clear, turquoise waters surrounding the islands of the Bahamas are a favorite of snorkeling enthusiasts because of their fascinating reefs whichare home to a vast assortment of colorful creatures such as fish, starfish, urchins, eels, turtles, and many more. People who enjoy exploring the underwater world will not want to miss out on seeing some of these top snorkeling spots in the Bahamas when visiting these Caribbean islands.

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One must-see is the Exumas Cays Land and Sea Park. This sprawling 176-square-mile property features a remarkable landscape of natural structures such as drop-offs, blue holes fed by freshwater springs, and numerous caves such as the famous Thunderball Grotto, which appeared in two James Bond films. The limestone and coral reefs at this site are teeming with many species of tropical fish and other marine creatures

The Rose Island Reef, which is situated just east of Paradise Island, also provides adventure-seekers with some ideal places to snorkel. These waters are super-clear which makes it better to see all of the marine life which resides there as well as two exciting shipwrecks, The Mahoney and The Alcora. It is also more shallow than many other sites, so it’s a great choice for the whole family and can easily be toured in its entirety.

Grand Bahama Island is home to such points of interest as Ben’s Cave, a cavern that consists of a horseshoe shaped ledge that overlooks a blue hole, and the beautiful coral beds of Gold Rock and Silver Point Reef. It is also the location of the Sea Hunt diving site; featured in the television show of the same name, here one can see such creatures as reef sharks, nurse sharks, stingrays, and eels.

The Andros Barrier Reef’s slope drops from 60 feet, down to 6000 feet, making it an exciting frontier for the snorkeler to explore. Due to its location and structure, this reef which is the second-largest in the waters of the western North Atlantic, provides a relatively undisturbed dwelling for more than 164 species of fish and coral. There is also a sizable population of sea sponges here and several schools of red snappers and groupers. Its

Not far off the shores of downtown Nassau, is the shallow, lively Goulding Cay Reef. Made up primarily of elkhorn coral, snorkelers will find thousands of tropical fish in every color of the rainbow and all shapes and sizes, as they explore this popular site which comes highly recommended by many travel guides. Its shallow depths enable one to see much, without having to go diving, and it is suitable for family snorkeling excursions.

Famous for its splendid beaches and excellent snorkeling sites, Stocking Island can be found just across the harbor from George Town, capital of Exumas in the southern Bahamas. Long and slim, this barrier island boasts some beautiful, vividly colored coral gardens and mysterious undersea caves, as well as several blue holes, making it a snorkeler’s paradise.

The Bimini Islands which comprise the most western region of the Bahamas are another area the avid snorkeler should be sure to check out. Their waters are home to some intriguing underwater gardens of black coral where all types of wondrous sea creatures live and play, and it’s not unusual to encounter a few spotted dolphins here too.

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